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Develop Hudson’s Talent Management Roadmap©

Develop your firm’s strategic hr model with Hudson’s Talent Management Roadmap©

Watch the video below to discover all about the newest version of the TM Roadmap.

What is the Talent Management Roadmap©

Hudson’s Talent Management Roadmap© is the first nonnormative HR model integrating several approaches on the employee’s role in an organization. Nonnormative, because we are convinced that every organization should pursue the HR policy that fully meets its specific needs. This also means an approach that is independent of HR trends and fads, which moves in line with the (economic) situation in which an organization is situated.


Talent Management Roadmap© Extended to Include Sustainable HR Model


If HR wants to be considered a strategic business partner, sustainable HR shouldn’t be a transitory tendency. A durable HR policy is inextricably bound up with a sustainable business model. The crisis has taught us that an HR policy in a company with a failing business model is anything but durable. During our studies concerning the Talent Management Roadmap, we’ve established that the business models can be classified according to their degree of proactivity or reactivity and, consequently, their degree of sustainability. We call this the mindsets of the business model. The TM Roadmap’s newest plug-in enables you to determine the mindset about the business model of your organization as an important factor for the durability of your HR policy.

Traditionally, durable HR aims at the “people” aspect of the three P’s (Planet, Profit & People) of Corporate Social Responsibility. In order to estimate the durability of your HR policy, the TM Roadmap’s second plug-in enables you to determine the mindset about the Corporate Social Responsibility of your organization. Just like the TM Roadmap, the mindsets about business model and CSR are not standard. The plug-ins allow you to determine the position of your organization today and to point out the direction your organization should follow in the years to come..

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