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Outplacement Services

Transition into your next career phase

Get ready to seize your next opportunity
Get ready to seize your next opportunity


What Is Outplacement?

Outplacement is what an employer offers an employee who has been dismissed from the company. It helps the employee deal with the dismissal and assists him/her in finding a new job quickly and efficiently.

Hudson’s Outplacement services are based on four keystones:
  • Personal guidance and emotional support: we guide you from the moment you are dismissed until the moment you enter your new job or the moment you decide to develop a personal action plan.
  • Defining personal objectives: what do I want?
  • Information and training: how to write a cover letter or a CV, apply for a job, go through an e-recruitment process, prepare yourself for assessment sessions, define your wage, establish a network, promote yourself in the market and more.
  • Coaching and Creating an Action Plan: we offer advice and relevant feedback. We help to analyse job offers, to prepare and evaluate job interviews and we guide you through the final steps of signing a new contract.

Who Can Benefit from Our Outplacement Services?

Actually, outplacement is meant for everyone who has come to a turning point in his or her career. 

Hudson and Outplacement

At Hudson, our Outplacement services aim to provide individual guidance of employees, executives and board members as well as group guidance in cases of company reorganisation.

Hudson’s services are unique due to our strictly personal approach, the experience of the trainers and the use of other internal services like assessment centres, compensation & benefits and interim management. Hudson is also an associate member of Federgon Outplacement, whose strict deontological code we follow.

We also develop group programs or a combination of individual and group guidance, on demand:

  • For executives and board members, Hudson has created the Executive Career Transition program, which focuses on networking and negotiating due to the complex job market rules for this group.
  • For junior employees Hudson developed short Career Guidance programs of one, three or six months. These programs are very effective and inexpensive.

How Does Outplacement Work?

Hudson’s Outplacement process consists of 6 phases:

  1. Think about « how » you got to your current situation.
  2. Find an answer to the question « what will I do? » Make an inventory of your technical expertise, your competencies, your values and personality, your ambitions and interests and your prior conditions.
  3. Define your personal objectives.
  4. Information and training for job marketing, job market communication, market value, compensation and networking.
  5. Coaching and developing an action plan: we help you to analyse job offers, to prepare and evaluate job interviews and we guide you through the different steps of executing a new contract.
  6. Support during the transition into your new work environment and a period of guarantee.

Benefits of Hudson’s Outplacement

  • You’re not facing your problems alone; you can rely on our highly professional coaching team.
  • Our experienced trainers will help you find the answers to your specific needs.
  • You will be informed and updated about public and private job opportunities.
  • You’ll receive personalised advice and have the opportunity to attend training sessions to learn more about applying for jobs, negotiating and networking.
  • You will establish a broad national and international network.

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