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Talent Engagement Solution

Decode the Psychological Contract

The Psychological Contract increases employee loyalty and performance
The Psychological Contract
increases employee loyalty
and performance

How can I increase my retention of employees?
How do I gain insight into the causes of staff turnover in my organisation?
How can I improve the performance of my employees, my team and my organisation?
How do I increase my employees’ levels of engagement?
How can I build up a positive psychological contract with my employees?

Strengthen the relationship between your organisation and your employees and increase their commitment with our Talent Engagement Solution (TES).

Pioneering research carried out by our R&D department in conjunction with the Vlerick Management School demonstrates that the TES provides a clear picture of the drivers that influence the retention and performance of your employees and teams.


  • The TES mobilises both managers and employees to reveal their mutual engagement
  • by means of online questionnaires.
  • The TES uses internal and external benchmarking
  • to give you an insight into possible (future) retention and performance issues in your organisation or in specific teams.
  • Above all, the TES offers you specific advice on taking proactive action.
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