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Reasoning Ability Tests

Get an objective picture of potential and skills

When hiring candidates, are you seeing the full picture?
When hiring candidates,
are you seeing the full picture?

Does a candidate possess the intellectual potential and the required skills to manage a particular function in my organisation?
Which candidate shows the highest intellectual potential?
Will the employee be able to handle a promotion?

Our Reasoning Ability Tests provide an objective perspective of a candidate’s intellectual capacity and gauge a candidate’s ability to draw correct conclusions from supplied information.


  • The innovative reasoning and capacity tests provide you with an objective picture of abstract, verbal and numerical reasoning ability at different levels (from blue collar workers to senior managers)
  • and assess specific skills such as planning ability, technical insight, speed and accuracy, spatial aptitude and analytic skills.
  • internationally available in multiple languages
  • available in your company’s corporate house style.
  • Furthermore, with the tests come a number of clear and graphically illustrated reporting possibilities
    • that reflect not only the level of the candidates but also their ways of working,
    • aimed at different target groups such as HR professionals, managers or candidates or interviewers
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