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Personality Questionnaire

Get a Detailed Picture of Personality

Measure 25 personality facets for a full personality profile
Measure 25 personality facets
for a full personality profile

Which candidate is best suited to my organisation?
Does this candidate fit in with my team?
How do I gain insight into someone’s competencies for a future role?
How can I improve my interview with an objective view on someone’s personality?

Get a clear insight into your (potential) employees’ personalities and competencies with Hudson’s Business Attitudes Questionnaire (BAQ).


  • The BAQ predicts the professional behaviour of different types of employees (from blue collar workers to senior managers)
  • by examining 25 personality facets that are based on the widely accepted ‘Big Five’ personality model
  • via a questionnaire that can be taken both online or in-house
  • The BAQ is strongly underpinned by scientific research
  • and is internationally available in multiple languages
  • and available in your company’s corporate house style.
  • Furthermore, with the BAQ come a number of clear and graphically illustrated reporting possibilities:
    • Aimed at different target groups such as HR professionals, managers, candidates or interviewers
    • Including customised reports based on the required competencies, matching the candidate to the ideal profile, corresponding interview questions, etc.
Did You Know?

At Hudson, our methodology is proprietary and customisable. We combine our product with your customised solutions and dig deeper than any other to evaluate and shortlist the most qualified candidates. We even provide a free full-day assessment of the final candidate to ensure they are the right fit for the company.


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