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Motivational Drives Questionnaire

Get a view on the drives to perform in a Job

Hire committed, motivated employees
Hire committed, motivated employees

What motivates someone to perform well?
What are my (potential) employees looking for in a job?
How can I increase an employee’s commitment level?

Performances are not only determined by ability; what an employee wants also plays an important role. It defines not only a person’s commitment, but also the direction in which they develop and, above all, their passion for the job. People do best what they most enjoy.

Gain insight into the motivational drives behind your employees’ performances with Hudson’s Motivational Drives Questionnaire (MDQ).


  • The MDQ measures up to 15 dimensions of motivation
  • based on the latest motivational theories,
  • and via an online questionnaire is internationally available in multiple languages
  • and in your company’s corporate house style.
  • Furthermore, the MDQ has clear and graphically illustrated reports for different target groups such as HR professionals and managers, as well as for candidates.

In this questionnaire, candidates are not asked to show what they already know but rather to indicate what it is they find most interesting about a job and what motivates them to perform well. In this way, the MDQ is an especially powerful instrument for employee selection, assessment, development, career guidance, etc.

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