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Job Architecture Designer

Expedite the job description creation process

Job architecture designer<sup>©</sup> simplifies the creation of professional job descriptions
Job Architecture Designer©
simplifies the creation
of professional job descriptions

How can we create effective job descriptions quickly and efficiently?
How can we ensure our job descriptions are consistent with the marketplace?

Hudson has created a tool that integrates all our job description expertise culled from thousands of job placements. The tool, Job Architecture Designer©, helps you to create, expedite and manage your job description processes.

By filling out an online questionnaire, you’ll obtain detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of a particular position. The online questionnaire is easily customised to suit the specific requirements of your organisation. For example, you may send a basic questionnaire to your employees to obtain information about the role/function and refine this with detail from 230 standard reference descriptions from Hudson.

Job Architecture Designer© can be enhanced with 230 referenced job descriptions provided by Hudson. No need to reinvent the wheel, create your job descriptions based on those created by Hudson and according to Hudson’s quality standards.

Job Architecture Designer© includes extensive e-mail communication options to involve key stakeholders in the creation process to check, modify and validate the job descriptions.

What Makes Job Architecture Designer© So Unique?

  • Job Architecture Designer© is a safe Internet application accessible by multiple users at any time.
  • This tool allows you to develop a Job Architecture questionnaire and project process that fits with your organisation.
  • Job Architecture Designer© provides e-mail communication options to include key stakeholders in the creation process and to update all parties when updates occur.
  • Instant access allows you to manage your project efficiently and continuously track progress.
  • You will have access to an extensive library of Hudson reference material.
Did You Know?

Hudson’s global presence provides access to an extensive network of international talent allowing us to consult and recruit for offices across many countries.


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