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Assessment Manager

Manage your global assessment & development centres

Streamline your assessment and development processes with assessment manager
Streamline your assessment
and development processes
with assessment manager

How do I guarantee the quality of (potential) employee assessments?
How do I manage my assessment centres and increase their objectivity?
How do I compare the competencies of candidates quickly and efficiently?
How do I globally coordinate locally executed assessment centres?
How do I guarantee consistency in our assessments worldwide?

Assessment Manager is a unique, online application that allows you to set up, follow up, organise and manage standardised assessment & development centres all over the world.


  • Your assessment project is managed, from start to finish, in one online database.
  • Based on your competency model and your selected exercises,
  • we compile customised observation and evaluation forms and interview guides.
  • Assessment manager guarantees you standardised individual reports
  • making it possible to quickly and objectively compare candidates.
  • Furthermore, the management statistics reveal the quality of your assessment project and the objectivity of your assessors.
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