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360° Feedback

Ensure your feedback process is objective and thorough

Get the complete 360 perspective
Get the complete 360 perspective

How do I stimulate development within my organisation?
How do I make my feedback procedures more objective?
How can an employee gain self-insight?
How do I gain insight into the competencies that are present in my organisation?

The Personal Competency Audit (PCA) facilitates the evaluation and the development of people in their work environment and is based on the multirater feedback methodology.


  • The PCA facilitates the on-line compilation of 360° feedback (from colleagues, managers, employees, clients, etc.),
  • via one of our scientifically underpinned questionnaires for senior, middle and junior management,
  • or via a customised questionnaire adapted to your terminology and competency model.
  • The PCA is fast, easy and flexible to use,
  • centrally controlled or self-controlled by your employees.
  • The clear, individualised report offers an objective and practical perspective on strengths and developmental needs, and provides input for a results-driven development plan.
  • The group reports and benchmark possibilities offer a clear insight into the development needs and priorities at an organisational level.
Did You Know?

As the most qualitative HR service provider on the market, we are known for our qualified assessors, and we provide guaranteed double assessment for each candidate to ensure objectivity. We also offer you the "Tools for Talent” training to learn how to use our tools and testing methods yourself.


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