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Hudson's HR Tools

Proprietary, state-of-the-art tools for selecting, assessing, developing and retaining talent

Leverage Hudson’s state-of-the-art, proprietary tools
Leverage Hudson’s state-of-the-art,
proprietary tools

In today’s competitive environment, evaluating a candidate’s or high potential’s intangible assets, such as leadership potential, business attitudes and competencies, is critical to making the right hiring or promotion decision. Hudson R&D gets to the heart of these matters by developing psychometric tests, assessment tools and methodologies to assess candidates and employees.

All of Hudson’s state-of-the-art HR tools are backed by an independent scientific board composed of university professors and academic researchers.

Hudson’s tools offer full support during each phase of your talent management process:

  • High-quality products that support your company in attracting talent.
  • A wide range of tools and unique solutions that optimise the selection and assessment of talent.
  • Specialised tools help your organisation to develop, engage and retain your talented employees and high potentials.

In the left menu bar, you can find an overview of the different tools we offer. Below, you can click on the different phases to discover our tools per talent management phase.
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As the most qualitative HR service provider on the market, we are known for our qualified assessors, and we provide guaranteed double assessment for each candidate to ensure objectivity. We also offer you the "Tools for Talent” training to learn how to use our tools and testing methods yourself.


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